Valuable Cluients

So far we have completed a large number of projects, which cannot be mentioned here, but please find the below list of seleted ongoing and completed projects by all four group of companies:

Saudi Electricity. Co. Construction Management for 380KV Substation and 380KV Transmission Line Work Associated with Integration of PP-9 Expansion Project Manpower On-going
Saudi Electricity. Co. Witnessing of Pre-Commissioning Tests and Commissioning of CTA Projects in EOA Manpower On-going
Saudi Electricity. Co. Engineering Support Services Manpower On-going
GCC Interconnection Authority Engineering Support Services Manpower On-going
Saudi Aramco Web Development Support Services Information Technology Manpower Completed
Saudi Arabia Ltd.
Qatif Downstream Pipelines
Acoustic Leak Detection System
ASI Products Installation Completed
Saudi Electricity. Co. ERB. Engineering Design & Consulting Services Design Engineering Completed
Al-Khafji Joint Operations (AGO/KJO) Data & Voice Sctructure Cabling for Hydro & Meteorological Bldg. (Use Product AVAYA Plenum Cable 2071E, Outlets, Patch Panel etc.) Structure Cabling Completed
Saudi Aramco Professional Consultancy Services for Information Technology Manpower Completed
Saudi Aramco Training Complex Dh. North As-built Completed
Dammam Central Hospital Extension of Emergency Dept. Design Completed
Saudi Aramco Communication I & M Bldg. Riyadh Refinery Design Completed
Saudi Elect. Co. ERB. Covered Parking Sheds Construction Completed
Saudi Aramco Metal Shop. Uth. Gas Plant Design Completed
Saudi Aramco Upgrade Warehouse & Admin. Building– Uthmania Design Completed
WESCOSA Factory Design Design Completed
National Industries. Gas Co. Manpower Supply Manpower Completed
Gulf Steel & Epoxy Factory Factory Design Design Completed
Saudi Methanol Manpower Supply Manpower Completed
Food Products Co. Survey Surveying Completed
Ba-Ashen Construction Of Warehouse Construction Completed
Bank Al Jazira Renovation of Dammam Branch Construction Completed
M & A. Albawardi Construction Of Metal Alloys Plant Construction Completed
S & A Abahsain Construction Of Heavy Eq. Room Construction Completed
Safco Repair Of Foundations Construction Completed
Al-Mouwasat Expansion work for Medical Services Construction Completed
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